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Precious Dental : Preventive Dentistry

Prevention pays when it comes to your oral health. The cost of prevention is much less that the cost of neglect. By following Precious Dental Care prevention plan you can:

  • manage your time and energy wisely
  • avoid some of the problems and cost caused by neglect and
  • keep your teeth and gums good for life.
      Brush you teeth carefully twice a day
    It takes about 2 ½ to 3 minutes to do the job right.


      Floss your teeth daily  

    Flossing cleans between the teeth and under the gumline where your toothbrush can’t reach.






    Diet and Dental Health

    Eat a well-balanced diet! Don’t eat sweets between meals, and please do not smoke. Smoking can lead to serious problem like oral cancer.





    Check your gums


    You can lose your teeth because of gum disease! Check regularly for these signs:
  • a change in the colour of your gums

  • gums that are red around your teeth

  • gums that bleed every time you brush or floss

  • bad breadth that will not go away

  • a taste of metal in your mouth

  • shiny, puffy or sore gums

  • teeth that are sensitive for no reason

    Don’t wait until it hurts


    We hear all the time, "Nothing hurts... I don't have any problems". But tooth decay doesn't hurt! Until, that is, it gets close to the nerve of the tooth.

    Then a crown, root canal …becomes necessary. Do preventive checkup and cleaning before is too late.

    If you see any of these condition or have any questions call Precious Dental at 510-790-7900.

    Fremont Dentist Dr. Vaishali provides quality Family and Kids Dentistry in Fremont neighbourhood serving Union City, Newark, Hayward, Milpitas and other bay area cities. We are accessible by Fremont Bart at 1895 Mowry Ave near Washington hospital in Fremont.
    Dr Vaishali Family and Pediatric Dentist in Fremont Ca, Newark, union city & Hayward