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Dental Insurances

  “Prevention pays when it comes to your oral health. The cost of prevention is much less that the cost of neglect.”  
What insurance plans do you accept?
How much will my insurance cover?
What if I don’t have insurance?
What type of payment do you accept?
Do you offer senior discount?

Q: What insurance plans do you accept?


Precious Dental acepts most of the major insurances and some HMOs. In addition, we do accept “in-network” and “out-of-network” patients.

PPO Plans include - Metlife, Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross, Delta, Guardian, United, Blue Shield, Principal, Fortis, Prudential, Healthy Families, Great-West & etc.


Q: How much will my insurance cover?


Each dental insurance plan is a negotiated contract between the insurance company and the employer. As a result, no two insurance plans are the same. The level of coverage is ultimately determined by the policy the employer selected. Some companies base their reimbursements on the actual fee charged while others base their reimbursement on a table determined by the employer. Most patients feel their dental health is important enough to proceed with treatment regardless of the benefit they will receive from their insurance company. These same patients have found that by addressing their dental need in a timely fashion they actually save money by avoiding more costly treatment resulting from neglect.

Before your appointment, our friendly staff would call your insurance co. and would find out all about your benefits so that you don't have to worry about “SURPRISES”.





  Q: What if I don’t have insurance?  
If you don't have insurance, please ask for our "no insurance discount"





Q: What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards. For certain treatments, financial plans are available. Discuss the one that best suit your needs with our Financial Coordinator prior to your treatment.
If you would like to review our financial arrangement options in advance of treatment, please call 510 790-7900.



Q: Do you offer senior discount?

Yes, we value our senior patients contribution to our community. Senior citizens, age 60 and over, will receive a 5% credit toward their payment.

Please visit American Dental Association website for more Insurance realted info.

If you have any questions call Precious Dental at 510-790-7900.

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